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October 02, 2018

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LA NACIÓN es uno de los diarios más prestigiosos en el mundo de habla hispana. Fundado en 1870 buscó siempre estar a la vanguardia e innovar, siendo en 1995, el primer periódico de circulación nacional en tener su edición online.<br/>Hoy LA NACION presenta su edición KINDLE, ofreciéndote la versión réplica de la edición papel. Encontrá las últimas noticias de la actualidad política, nacional e internacional; además de deportes, ciencia, economía e información general. La edición réplica para Kindle cuenta, además, con columnistas de renombre que realizan un análisis amplio de la realidad nacional e internacional.<br/>Disfrutá del diario LA NACION en tu Kindle todos los días a partir de las 7am (Argentina)<br/><br/>Founded in 1870 and always seeking to stay ahead and innovate, La Nacion was the first national newspaper to have an online edition in Argentina. Today we proudly present the KINDLE edition, a replica version of the paper edition. Find the latest national and international news from the worlds of politics, sports, science, economics and general information. La Nacion's Kindle edition also has renowned columnists who perform a comprehensive analysis of national and international reality. Enjoy La Nacion on your Kindle every day from 7am (Argentina).<br/><br/><br/>Kindle Newspapers are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can read them even when you're not wirelessly connected. This newspaper does not necessarily reflect the full print content of the publication.
O Globo
by O Globo



Release Date

June 24, 2018

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O Globo é o principal jornal diário do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, com a maior circulação nacional aos domingos e no Rio durante a semana. Uma referência em Política, Negócios e notícias locais, O Globo tem uma coleção incomparável de colunistas no país, incluindo Miriam Leitão, Ricardo Noblat, Ancelmo Gois e Patrícia Kogut. Além das notícias do dia, a publicação abrange conteúdo relativo a atividades e interesses diversos dos leitores: viagens, arte, moda, tecnologia, esportes e entretenimento. </p> <p> A edição de O Globo no Kindle contém artigos encontrados na edição impressa, mas não inclui todas as imagens e tabelas. Text-to-Speech é destinado ao texto no idioma Inglês apenas. A utilização deste recurso com outras línguas pode resultar em pronúncia imprópria. Para sua comodidade, as edições são entregues automaticamente no seu Kindle a partir de 5:30 horário local do Rio de Janeiro via wireless. </p> <p>O Globo is the leading Portuguese daily newspaper in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the highest national circulation on Sundays and in Rio on weekdays. A reference in Politics, Business and Local news, O Globo has an unrivaled collection of columnists in the country, including Miriam Leitão, Ricardo Noblat, Ancelmo Gois and Patrícia Kogut. Besides the daily news, the publication covers the activities and interests that readers are most passionate about: travel, art, fashion, technology, sports and entertainment. </p> <p> The Kindle Edition of O Globo contains articles found in the print edition, but will not include all images and tables. Text-to-Speech is intended for English-language text. Using text-to-speech with other languages may result in improper pronunciation. For your convenience, issues are automatically delivered wirelessly to your Kindle starting at 5:30 AM Rio de Janeiro local time. </p>

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